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Establishing a Business in the UAE

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The UAE’s great tax system makes it a top choice for starting a business. It is a major business hub and highly appealing to global investors.
It is a favorite alternative for international and regional companies due to its world-class infrastructure, strategic position, and quickly accessible and diverse market with low operational expenses and logistics. Dubai provides more than 25 Free Trade Zones (FTZ), inviting international entrepreneurs to set up companies there.
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Unlocking Business Success in Dubai: UAE Company Registration

The United Arab Emirates offers fantastic opportunities for corporate expansion, whether it's within a free zone or on the mainland. Opting to establish your company in the UAE, especially in Dubai, unlocks a multitude of advantages and boundless potential. When starting a business in Dubai and aiming to reach your goals, choosing the right partner is critical. Here at Zestup, we provide a distinctive blend of expertise, dedication, and tailored services to guarantee your company's triumph in the UAE.

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Choosing to register your business in Dubai is an excellent choice and we are here to make your journey seamless. Here are some of the services we offer

uae company registration
Company Formation
With our guidance, your company's constitution will be legally constituted and ready to function in Dubai. We take the weight off your shoulders.
UAE company reistration
Bank Account
We help simplify the process of setting up a bank account for your business. With our local knowledge, we can guide you to choose the right bank that suits your business needs.
UAE company registration
Office Space
With our local partners, we can help you find the perfect office space that embodies the spirit and objective of your company, reflecting your brand effectively.
UAE company registration
VAT Registration
To adhere to the UAE laws, we will assist you in getting your VAT registration done, saving you all the hassle.

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Free Zone Company

These are established in one of the UAE's many free zones, offering benefits such as full foreign ownership, tax exemptions, and simplified import/export procedures.

Mainland company

A mainland company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a business entity that is registered and licensed to operate in the UAE's local or "mainland" market.

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